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CATALOGUS ♣  LABELS  ♣  Memento Mori

Memento Mori is a new, high quality clothing brand with a message. The project of an ambitious artist and antagonist. An answer to a generalized fashion market.


Our mission is to deliver fashionable streetwear that feels both unique and comfortable. Delicately printing our works of art on only the finest quality of cotton.

An authentic brand to polish your casual black outfit, created to make feel one's best.

Inspired by the appeal of the night, chaos and death. Memento Mori is a collection that feels awkwardly familiar, yet pleasantly strange. Featuring powerful designs, often protesting a failing world. A wicked style for all anarchists, skaters, rebels, rockers, bikers, metalheads, punks, chicks, artists, hip-hoppers, wizards, witches and passionate lovers (of black).


It's not just the fair price, comfort, nor the high quality. The power of Memento Mori apparel lies in it's versatility: you decide how to wear your objection.

We like to keep our catalogue fresh, and work hard to regularly release new designs and modish apparel. To get your hands on a real eye-catcher browse our 'Armoire Grimoire' collection, which is a series of limited stock fashion items. Check our shop regularly.

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