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Inspired by bold cigar flavours around the world. Designed and printed in Belgium.


Yes, we sometimes drink whisky and yeah, we have occasionally worn a (three-piece) suit…but cigar aficionados are not all fat, old moguls in fancy corner offices. There are rebels among us! Gritty and streetwise, bold and unrelenting. Making a statement. Grabbing life by the balls. Enjoying life, and as many cigars as we can, to the fullest.

We are Ciguerilla.


All our shirts and sweaters are foil printed on high quality cotton. The cotton feels pleasant and comfortable on the skin and the foil visuals are bold, guaranteed to attract the attention they deserve. After a some washes the trademark ‘gold’ cigar of the brand logo will even start to look more and more like a real cigar texture.

Besides the Ciguerilla logo in black we’re also giving you the chance to represent your favourite cigar country. Dominican Republic, up and coming Nicaragua or classic Cuba! The choice is yours…and either way, you’ll rock and smoke in style.

Special collaboration with Alejandro Mateo

Not only do we share a passion for cigars, we also share a passion for creativity and stylish garments. We’ve been fans of Alejandro for quite some time and when we started the Ciguerilla brand, it felt only natural to reach out and start a collaboration. Alejandro embraced our ideas and elevated them to this masterpiece.

And yes, you too can own one!

             SMOKE IN HOT STYLE                

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Custom Ciguerilla felt hat highlights:

  • Scorch marks – a nod to the torch and flames that light a great cigar

  • Yute ribbon – a nod to the yute bags used to collect and transport tobacco leaves

  • Wooden country beads – representing the 3 most important cigar countries: Cuba, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua

  • Circular cut-outs – these represent different cigar ring gauges

  • Cigar holder – speaks for itself, carry a cigar with you (just don’t wait too long to smoke it)

  • Ciguerilla branding




Steven Wouters, owner of Shinobi creative agency, is a graphic designer and marketing specialist. Operating from the shadows, this ninja comes from the heart of Geel, Belgium.

Creativity and ideas never stop flowing and driven by his gritty and rebellious nature, he decided to create his own Ciguerilla clothing brand. Having been a cigar aficionado for over 20 years, the brand is inspired by the cigar culture he proudly represents.

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