Local youngster Oskar Blockx grew up in Witgoor, Belgium. At the age of 15 is where his love for music, mixing and dancing all started. As a member of JG Scharnier he learned all the tricks behind the decks thanks to his older brother, Anton. Now 8 years later, at the age of 23, he’s a skilled and well-known DJ.

As a young entrepreneur Oskar started expanding his brand and on his way he ignited his interest in fashion and streetwear specifically. He didn't want to be identified by uninspired merch just for 

some extra funding. So he began creating what is now called OB-Streetwear. Which is a perfect mixture between merchandise and streetwear. Because the only way OB wants to be supported - is in style. 

What makes this brand unique is the unaffected creative process behind all the designs. Oskar doesn’t have a background in graphic design, instead he gained experience making posters and banners for fun when he became member of JG Scharnier in 2015. Thanks to this hobby - which got out of hand - he is now 

able to fully express his creative ideas. One of his new designs was inspired by wordplay. When OB-Tunes (his DJ alter ego) was watching the new Space Jam trailer, he thought of the idea of switching the Looney in Looney Tunes with his initials. When this idea started unfolding in his head, he locked himself inside and started designing whilst dancing to the Space Jam Theme Song. Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam!

PS: If you look close enough you might find a little sneak peak of what’s to come.

After his first release previous year, Oskar is now busy working on new designs. So get ready - because he's not done yet.





A clothing brand by OB-Tunes